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Be present in all things and thankful for all things. – Maya Angelou


It’s a new day!

Day 9 explores how our beliefs of time impact our state of being, emotions and how we interact with ourselves and others, and how self-awareness can change these patterns. Oprah noted that love, time, money and even “likes” on our social media accounts are all things that have developed into a type of commodity to be exchanged and collected rather than resources to be shared. She went on to reference an interview she did with Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life, Unleashing the Soul of Money in a recent episode of her Super Soul Sunday show which airs on her OWN Network.


In a brief clip of the episode Lynne speaks about three toxic money myths:

1) There’s not enough – the belief of scarcity and there’s only so much to go around and what is available isn’t sufficient for every single person to benefit from our take advantage of

2) More is better – because there’s a finite amount of everything, in this case money, there more we have for us and ours means we won’t get left holding nothing but that someone will

3) That’s just the way it – Lynne explains that of the three toxic mindsets this one is by far the most damaging of them all. This state of thinking and being causes a resignation before any action is even taken; it halts any likelihood of tackling anything while it’s still in the thought stages so nothing ever materializes from it.

With this toxic belief there is no will to try or push or question because we believe that’s just the way it is and we can’t do anything about it. Interesting enough, the same parallels can be made when we talk about time. There’s never enough of it, if we had more we could accomplish so much and because we think we can’t have or make more time, we resign to accepting that’s just the way it is and we do nothing to change that perception.


We understand that our perspective can significantly affect our mental agility and physical energy, whether positively or negatively. The crucial first step is realizing that we are not powerless when it comes to the things others claim we can’t change. Every change has its roots in discomfort, unease, or a sense of dis-ease, driven by a longing for something different, something more.


If you desire more time, what changes have you made or are you making to manifest that reality?


This is the last meditation experience of 2017 hosted by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey via the Chopra Center Meditation organization. It just started on October 30th and we’re really excited with the theme: Making Every Moment Matter.