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Are you a BIPOC or allied change-agent? Are you a co-conspirator for good? Are you an innovator, a visionary, a healer, a leader, or all of the above? Is burnout threatening? Do you need support?

Imagining and building the future while ending cycles of intergenerational trauma and rewiring oppressive systems is hard work! Grind culture may have you thinking that your wellness needs to take a backseat to creating your dream and serving your communities. But what if simply having an intentional community of care and peer support that keeps your wellbeing top of mind is the real key to accelerating change? We have been testing this hypothesis in networked communities all over the globe for the past 10 years and the answer is clear: #goodgrows #wellnesswins

The Collective was built for us

Peer coaching and accountability with a community of new wave leaders.
Deep discounts on tech and other services.

We connect change-makers all over the nation for coaching and mentorship from our peers in community organizing and social entrepreneurship. Built for us, by us, we use our collective and community power to access deep discounts on software and services all change-agents need. We share the legitimacy of our organization to help you grow yours. We keep each other accountable and we make shift happen.


Ongoing facilitated spaces, online and off, for learning and care. Regular visits from thought leaders and influencers in social enterprise and beyond.



Thought partnership and support on the technology, systems. and rituals all change-agents need to thrive and make an impact.



Discounts to products and services and early insider access to the latest news, goods. gadgets, and global innovations.


What does it cost?

We curate the resources you need and convene accessible & equity-centered communities where #goodgrows


Kit Amreik

The Facilitator's Academy was a very invigorating experience and helped reorient my life when I needed it. I appreciate the manner that Emily as well as the team for facilitating such a wonderful space. It encouraged me to come out of my shell and roar as a lion :]

Kit Amreik
Global Restorative and Transformative Justice Practitioner / 

Nancy Latham

I learned so much form the Facilitators Academy - it wasn't only about facilitation tools (although we learned a lot about those!) - it was really about holding a gentle space for people to bring forward their most authentic selves (even in these awkward zoom spaces). In these days when the world gives us so much reason to feel rage, despair, and grief, holding gentle space is a critical skill. People can feel all those challenging feelings *and* get in touch with sources of joy and hope. Being in the "room" with the main facilitator, Emily Gonzales was a revelation. I felt as if a more communitarian future were being manifested before my eyes.

Nancy Latham
Indivisible East Bay Leadership Team / 

Lou Zweier

The Facilitator Academy is a powerful and insightful training that builds skills, awareness, and internal capacity to guide groups in working across differences and through shared problem solving. It's practical, effective, and so needed in groups and organizations today.

Lou Zweier
Leadership and Conflict Consultant / 

Amira Mustapha

I loved being a part of the inaugural class of the Facilitators Academy. I was able to learn many facilitation techniques. One lesson I am thankful I learned is that I do not have to have all the answers as a facilitator. My job is to help guide the conversation. Learning (and remembering) this makes facilitating a hundred times easier.

Amira Mustapha
Founder and Executive Director / 

More about what’s good

What are the course offerings for 2023

The Collective’s Swell School operates on a modified collegiate semester system. While most of the courses are asynchronous, the roll out of courses happens on a semsterly basis. Here is a sample of the current schedule:

  • Summer 2023
    • Communication Styles (mini)
    • The Check-in for effective meetings (mini)
    • Asana & Project Management Basics (mini)
    • Facilitating the Communication Styles Assessment (premium)
    • Mindful Meetings (premium)
    • The Shift: Moving from Conflict to Inquiry (premium)
  • Fall 2023
    • The Check-Out for effective meetings (mini)
    • Anti-Bias traning for the Workplace (premium)
    • Facilitator’s Academy (premium)
    • We the People (premium)
  • Winter 2024
    • Facilitator’s Academy II (premium)
What does asynchronous mean?

Asynchronous courses are course you can complete on your own time. There are no live class meetings.

What happens at a Collective Huddle?

Member Huddles are facilitated communities of care for our member community. Grounded in our Transformative Space Intentions, all new participants will be invited to affirm the TSI as part of their check in. Members are invited to exchange energy, healing, ideas and inspiration with one another in this peer coaching environment facilitated by Swell Collective facilitators. The agenda is dependent on the needs of participating members and is calibrated in real time to create a safe and responsive space.

What are Swell dispatches?

Swell dispatches are our digital newsletters and ‘zines.

What are Swell Select Communities?

Because of the diversity of experiences and needs in our member community, we have theme, industry, or identity specific groups that offer additional peer support, learning & coaching. Communities in development for 2022 are:

  • Community Organizers and Activists
  • BIPOC Consultants & Entrepreneurs
  • Queer Community of Care
  • Facilitators Community of Practice & Learning
  • Geeks Gathering – Tech Coaching Office Hours
  • Chronic Illness & Disability Community of Care
What are the types of resources available in the Home Port?

Home Port resources include:

  • Curated reading & media lists featuring BIPOC/Queer/Underrepresented voices
  • Curated products and services with researched and negotiated discount programs
  • Curated media asset libraries for your creative projects
  • The Events calendar
  • Worksheets, templates and guides to supplement events and courses
  • Member peer to peer matching for support and collaboration
  • An easy access portal to all Swell Spaces and Swell School courses
  • Member services FAQ and chat support
  • Dispatch archives
  • Discounted graphic design services
What are Swell PopUp events?

Swell PopUp events are usually one-off, randomly scheduled, online gatherings to co-work, take a break or tackle a challenge. Collective members can broadcast a PopUp invitiation using @here in our Swell Slack space to invite whomever is available online to meet. We can huddle up on a video conference right in Slack!

Are there any long-term contracts to sign?

Nope! Collective membership is pay as you go and you may cancel at any time. We do offer discounts for annual plans.

What is your refund policy?

If it turns out the Collective Community isn’t for you, you may get a full refund within 30 days of enrollment.

Are there any discounts or funding options available?

We are committed to keeping the Collective accessible to our community. We can invoice your employer or organization to fund your membership, many provide investments in the professional development of their people via programs such as the Collective. We also have some limited scholarships available and offer discounts for annual plans. Reach out to crew@swellcollective.org for more information.

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