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In 2013, the global Black Lives Matter movement emerged as a response to the murder of Trayvon Martin in the United States. The movement not only brought attention to the continued inequities in our communities but also brought to the forefront how ill-equipped we are for talking about difference and handling the tension that arises at the intersections of our identities and lived experiences. During the 2016 election, we saw this tension amplified. Post 45 and since, we continue to see the evidence of conflict at the intersection of differences and the amplification of the loud voices fomenting the divisions. The intensity and intractability of these conflicts have served to give us ample evidence of the continued ineffectiveness of the “zero-sum” paradigm.  The Swell Collective was conceived in 2013 as a way to amplify positive sum practice in response. We received our 501 c3 tax exempt status January 20, 2017.

The mission of our organization is to inspire, equip and amplify change-agents representing historically marginalized communities using a positive-sum approach. We inspire change-agents with real world examples of positive sum practice by curating, producing and broadcasting stories of what is going right at the intersection of differences. We equip and coach them with the knowledge and growth opportunities to become mindfully accountable practitioners themselves by conducting trainings both online and in person that teach the skills of positive sum practice, resiliency, and collaborative leadership.  We amplify their work by facilitating robust communities of care and peer mentorship, and by creating intentionally diverse social networks and mindfully fostering them. #goodgrows

We are the swell

Our crew hails from all over the country. Since our inception, The Swell Collective has been a hybrid organization with both IRL and virtual workspaces allowing us the opportunity to connect with value-aligned change agents across geographic barriers. Whether we are a waystation or a long-term destination for crew members, we take seriously the responsibility for each crew member’s wellbeing and professional growth and evolution during their time here.

We ground our workplace culture in wellness, equity and inclusion that nurtures a generative environment for innovation and discovery. #goodgrows


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