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The Consultancy

Positive-sum practice to lift us all.

revolutionizing the public sector

We are on a mission to transform the public sector to a space where collaboration and innovation can thrive. We work with public agencies from the local to federal level and any value aligned organization that does social impact work.

Effective Collaboration is Equity at Work

The public sector has done a good job in diversifying its workforce. Gender, ethnic and racial diversity here outpaces that in the rest of the workforce and better Read More reflects the communities in which these agencies serve. There is also enormous opportunity to do better in fostering collaborative cultures within and between these agencies and their communities. Opportunities where innovation can thrive and employees and the communities they serve can feel valued. Effective and ethical collaboration also ensures equity in the use of resources, and saves time and money. Read Less

Change IS possible

The successes of collaboration on even the smallest scale act as fractals of change. Change can happen from the ground up and from the inside out. While policy catches up, Read More we work with change-agents embeded in bureaucracies to reshape and refine systems to be ethical, accountable and innovative. In communities from the hyper local to the global scale, we share big problems that need solving soon. Climate change, pandemics and conflict affect us all.  We convene the spaces where the folks who are the experts via their lived experiences and their knowledge can get together to discover the solutions. Read Less

A Community of Support Awaits

The Collective Consultancy is a boutique consulting firm that is BIPOC and queer led. We coordinate services and collaborate with other value aligned firms who offer complementary Read More expertise to provide exceptional service to our clients and community. We provide bespoke training and facilitation, peer coaching, and communities of learning and care. Read Less

this is our recipe for change

Relationship Building

A global perspective of the networks and communities of stakeholders your work Read More resides in. Mindful attention to that social capital and treating it as the valuable resource that it is. Deep understanding and respect of community perspectives, needs and interests. View Less

Real Talk About Power

Developing a shared understanding of the dynamics of power. Restorative Read More accountability to use that power to heal, not harm. Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives without mindfully embeding equity practices into each cell of an organization are doomed to fail and are actually harmful to the communities they purport to serve. View Less

Process Facilitation

Facilitation of deep dialogue and collaborative process. Guides by the side whose
Read More expertise is in the design of interactive and engaging experiences grounded in equity principles. Process facilitation can help diverse teams create the safe spaces to get creative and find consensus. View Less

Centering Wellness

Many who are called to this work are empathetic and finely tuned to the needs of others. Read More We often find ourselves centering the wellbeing of those we serve before our own. We must flip this script. In order to sustain lasting change, we need to heal ourselves. View Less


Facilitation & Process Design

  • Planning and connection retreats
  • Interest based collective bargaining
  • Community meetings
  • Labor-Management committees
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
  • Technology audit and adoption
  • Communities of care and learning


Training and Communities of Learning

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Collaborative decision making
  • Mindful Meetings
  • Interest based negotiations
  • Systems and process self audits


Consulting & Thought Partnership

  • Technology for collaboration and equity
  • Remote workforce issues
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Collaborative labor relations
  • Systems and process audits


Amber A.

Emily is amazing! Her positive energy and ability to help our team navigate through truly understanding how to work efficiently and collaboratively is invaluable. The presentation and activities are engaging, relatable, practical, and easy to follow.

Amber A.
Principal, California Schools

Dave M.

Emily is a fantastic presenter that made the IBB process very manageable.

Dave M.
California Schools


The training was extremely insightful and helpful. Emily kept us engaged and did an awesome job at making it a collaborative learning experience.

California Schools

Meredith F.

I have already recommended [collaborative decision making] training to friends and colleagues in a variety of industries. The core principles and steps for collaboratively solving problems are fantastic in so many situations. Although the process was valuable in and of itself, Emily as the facilitator really made this training excellent. Her honesty, loyalty to the process, and complete grasp on reality made participating on this journey with her such a positive experience.

Meredith F.
SDC teacher, CTA Bargaining Chair, California Schools

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