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Positive-sum practice to lift us all.

Let’s innovate the public sector

We are on a mission to transform the public sector to a space where collaboration and innovation can thrive. Join the dynamic shift towards collaboration and positive-sum theory and practice. We work with public agencies from the local to federal level, and any value aligned organization dedicated to social impact work. Whether you need a crash course in collaborative leadership, an inclusive systems overhaul, or specialized negotiations facilitation, we’ve got your back.

Effective Collaboration is Equity at Work

The public sector has done a good job in diversifying its workforce. Notably, gender, ethnic, and racial diversity within this sector surpasses that found in the broader workforce, making it a better Read More reflection of the communities these agencies serve. Moreover, there are significant opportunities to further enhance collaborative cultures both within these agencies and in their interactions with the communities they serve. These opportunities represent fertile ground for innovation to flourish and for employees and the communities they engage with to experience a greater sense of value. Effective and ethical collaboration is also crucial for ensuring equity in resource allocation and achieving cost and time savings. Read Less

Change IS possible

Even small-scale collaboration can be a fractal of change. Change can happen from the ground up and from the inside out. As policy continues to evolve and catch up, Read More we work with change-agents inside bureaucracies to reshape and refine systems to be ethical, accountable and innovative. In communities from the hyper local to the global scale, we share big problems that need solving soon. Climate change, pandemics and conflict affect us all.  We convene the spaces where the folks who are the experts via their lived experiences and their knowledge can get together to discover the solutions. Read Less

A Community of Support Awaits

Our small, boutique firm is BIPOC and queer-led. We infuse creativity, authenticity, and active listening into everything we do. Read More We seamlessly coordinate services and foster collaborations with like-minded firms that share our values and offer complementary expertise. This collaborative approach allows us to deliver exceptional services to both our clients and the broader community. Our offerings encompass tailored training and facilitation, peer coaching, as well as supportive communities of learning and care. Read Less

this is our recipe for change

Relationship Building

A global perspective of the networks and communities of stakeholders your work Read More resides in. Mindful attention to that social capital and treating it as the valuable resource that it is. Deep understanding and respect of community perspectives, needs and interests. View Less

Real Talk About Power

Developing a shared understanding of the dynamics of power. Restorative Read More accountability to use that power to heal, not harm. Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives without mindfully embeding equity practices into each cell of an organization are doomed to fail and are actually harmful to the communities they purport to serve. View Less

Process Facilitation

Facilitation of deep dialogue and collaborative process. Guides by the side whose
Read More expertise is in the design of interactive and engaging experiences grounded in equity principles. Process facilitation can help diverse teams create the safe spaces to get creative and find consensus. View Less

Centering Wellness

Many who are called to this work are empathetic and finely tuned to the needs of others. Read More We often find ourselves centering the wellbeing of those we serve before our own. We must flip this script. In order to sustain lasting change, we need to heal ourselves. View Less


Facilitation & Process Design

Our facilitation services create space for everyone to be a participant and alleviates team leaders from having to straddle both roles. This encourages engagement and creativity, builds trust, and fortifies communication. Facilitation safely surfaces tension and provides tools and practices to transform conflict when it does arise. Improved team and individual decision-making emerge by sharing perspectives. This leads to clarity of objectives and deepening investment in the work and one another. Facillitation can guide:

  • Planning and connection retreats
  • Interest based collective bargaining
  • Community meetings
  • Labor-Management committees
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
  • Technology audit and adoption
  • Communities of care and learning


Training and Communities of Learning

Our training expertise meets myriad organizational and individual needs. Organizations are more responsive and agile when their people feel supported in buildilng their personal and professional skills and abilities. Topics we cover include:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Collaborative decision making
  • Mindful Meetings
  • Interest based negotiations
  • Systems and process self audits


Consulting & Thought Partnership

Receive the full benefits of our knowledge and experience tailored specifically to your priorities and needs. We offer fresh, unbiased, and objective insight that can get teams unstuck and back in sync. We tap a trusted global network of experts whose knowledge includes:

  • Technology for collaboration and equity
  • Remote workforce issues
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Collaborative labor relations
  • Systems and process audits


Joyce Kozyra

Emily has the ability to not only train and facilitate, however, to be able to read the room and flex work when interests and needs have a degree of teams not quite being on the same page so to speak. Her ability to assist in teams building trust, valuing each other, and listening to story is exceptional!

Joyce Kozyra
Assistant Superintendent Personnel, Cucamonga School District / 

Dave Barker

Emily is great at what she does. She keeps things moving and doesn't waste our time. We were able to get through hard topics and she is super organized so it is easy to go back and remember where we were.

Dave Barker
Teacher, Los Alamitos Unified School District / 

Lisa Roberts

Emily is a phenomenal facilitator. I have worked with her numerous times and I always walk away with something new. She is willing to adjust her training on the spot depending on what her attendees need/want. She has trained our negotiations team, district level administration and board of trustees. I would highly recommend Emily as a trainer.

Lisa Roberts
Deputy Superintendent - Boise School District / 

Lara Luthy

I really enjoyed the tone of this training. It was inspirational, informative and transformational. The responsiveness of the trainers to our needs (sometimes on the fly) was top-notch. The humor that was interwoven allowed for a space of genuineness and growth. "Growth edges" is new vocabulary that I have integrated into my life. Thank you, thank you!

Lara Luthy
President, Boise Education Association / 

Dave Wagers

This training was very helpful with generating crucial conversations among our team and building mutual understanding between members.

Dave Wagers
Board of Trustees President, Boise Independent School District / 

Deyanira Zavala

Working with the Swell crew was a tremendous experience, both as a participant and as a fellow facilitator period. [They] took the time to understand our context and what we were hoping to achieve at the end of our time together. [Their] facilitation brought in new methods that were truly appreciated by our attendees.

Deyanira Zavala
Managing Director, BARHII / 

Mitchel Banales

I would give the service and training provided us by Emily and the Collective Consultancy 10 out of 10 stars. I have been a part of the classified negotiating team since before interest based bargaining (IBB) was introduced to Los Alamitos Unified School District, to be honest I hope we never stop using this creative way of negotiating. It has given us the ability to work together as one team to come up with solutions for contract and budget issues. By working together it takes the us against them mentally out of the process. Also our relationship outside the negotiating table never been better...

Mitchel Banales
President, California School Employees Association - Los Alamitos Chapter 324 / 

Mike Conlon

Emily was a great IBB facilitator for our negotiation session. She was able to help the teams navigate several contentious topics always steering the room back to the basic tenets of the IBB process.

Mike Conlon
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Laguna Unified School Districts / 

Zachary T.

Emily and Nina emphasized vulnerability and holding space for transformation. My individual growth was held in the trust that I could show up as my full self, warts and all! Our team benefited from the efficient and focused, yet open and adaptive way they guided us through our work.

Zachary T.
Dutton, Program Director, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting / 

Oskar Castro

I can't thank Swell enough for the support! They helped us do what we needed to do, but often with small organizations it is hard to find the capacity to fill the need. Swell made that a lot easier. Having an outside organization to help facilitate our conversations was amazingly beneficial, as my company is organized into various tired groups with different levels of hierarchy. I found that having the 2 facilitators from Swell was particularly efficient in staying on track and keeping us all organized, as one could lead the conversation in an organic way and the other could focus on note-taking so we could all reference those pieces of information later.

Oskar Castro
Director of HR & Inclusion, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting / 

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The Collective Consultancy LLC is a cousin corporation of The Swell Collective built to serve the public sector and other social enterprise entities. The Collective Consultancy is also an incubator home for emergent trainers and facilitators. Are you an aspiring or veteran trainer and facilitator? Are you seeking a community for peer support and “shop talk”?  We are growing the field with peer support of fellow BIPOC, Queer, and Femme entrepreneurs. Please get in touch!

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