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We are an unconventional nonprofit organization. Where many organizations in the nonprofit space are issue oriented,  The Swell Collective is relationship & process oriented. Our work applies across all issues and builds capacity for impact. 

how we serve

We center our work on the intersectional needs & strengths of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and other People of Color) and other systemically oppressed communities. We focus on themes of ethical collaboration, effective communication, and resiliency & wellness. Anti-racism and equity principles are built into everything we do. Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are not “side projects”. They should form the foundational scaffolds of any organization seeking to move in community organizing and social enterprise spaces. Member by member, organization by organization, and interaction by interaction, Swell Collective dismantles oppression from the ground up, and from the inside out.

Swell SChool

You want more new wave leadership skills? You want to be part of a learning community intentionally curated and led by women & people of color? Swell School, coming soon!

the collective

Feel like you would thrive with the support and structure of some regular check-ins with a community of your peers in the rising?  Are you approaching burn-out ? Need to remind yourself of your big “why”? You need the Collective…

Swell on site

You want to build a diverse organization where everyone thrives and feels connected to the mission? Want to grow through conflict rather that suffer in it? Need to plan, strategize & collaborate? Let’s do the work. You need Swell on Site…


Do you have a diverse team that needs to collaborate effectively? Has your crew gone remote since the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you overwhelmed with the sheer volume of apps, platforms and technology solutions out there? You know you could be doing things more efficiently but don’t know where to start? Is technology stressing you out? You need our Tech Equity crew…

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OUr ALLIES & co-conspirators

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We are co-creating, interdisciplinary, change-agents investing our human and social capital for the greater good. We believe in positive sum solutions.

Diversity & Respect

Our fates are interconnected all over the globe. We seek out those different from us with whom to collaborate and learn.

Conscious Communication

Design communicates. Process communicates. Our words and our deeds communicate. This awareness guides us towards developing new understanding.

Wellness & Integrity

Healthy individuals beget healthy communities. Integrity is wholeness and in order to be whole, we must be well.