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Change Agents

Diversity & Respect

Our fates are interconnected all over the globe. We seek out those different from us with whom to collaborate and learn.

Conscious Communication

Design communicates. Process communicates. Our words and our deeds communicate. This awareness guides us towards developing new understanding.

Wellness & Integrity

Healthy individuals beget healthy communities. Integrity is wholeness and in order to be whole, we must be well.

About Us

We serve the intersectional communities that have been historically oppressed. The marginalized, the outcasts, and the disenfranchised are our people. No longer minorities, we are the new majority building our new reality together.

We inspire, equip and amplify change agents. We dismantle oppression from the ground up and from the inside out.

By investing peer support and capacity building resources into our communities, we accelerate our emergence into a positive-sum future. Together we bend the arc of history towards justice and ensure our collective liberation becomes reality.

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Swell School offers transformational curriculum curated and created by intersectional change agents, thought leaders, and influencers spanning the disciplines of collaboration, technology and resilience.

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The Shift: Moving from Conflict to Inquiry

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