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Choose Your Own Adventure

At Swell Collective, we are committed to practicing the principles of collaborative leadership in all aspects of our organization. What that means, is that our interns and apprentices become immediately empowered within the organization to tell us what they need. After submitting an application, if you are a fit for our mission, we will schedule a conversation to find out more about what you want to learn and where you want to grow. We will take you behind the scenes into the operations of TSC and then we will figure out together where your skills and interests intersect with our vision, mission, and programs. We will build a customized internship together to meet your needs and ours. Generally, all crew at TSC begin as interns or apprentices. Our internships are available to high school students and undergrads and are unpaid. Our apprenticeship program is for graduate students and professionals and is stipended as our funding allows.

Meet The Crew

We have had the incredible opportunity to host students from all over the country as interns here at Swell Collective. Our unique virtual options mean that value-aligned students have the chance to form new connections outside of their own school communities. Our intern crew are diverse by identity, geography and fields of study. Our program actively recruits students, and folks from our broader community, representing systemically marginalized identities. If you are BIPOC, LGBTQ+ or a first generation college student looking to contribute to a healthier planet and more sustainable economy where everyone can thrive, we want to support you on that journey. We have created a culture that centers the wellbeing of our entire crew. If you are looking to intern at an organization that SEES you and prioritizes your success, scroll on down and apply!

What the community says

Anonymous Intern 6

I felt the community at Swell was very understanding and inclusive. The support given at times almost felt underserved because of how available it was and I very much appreciate the honesty that every individual expressed. I felt like it was a community where everyone looks out for everyone and is not shy to lend a helping hand when needed.


Anonymous Intern 5

I felt like there was room for growth whenever error was made.


Anonymous Intern 4

Ask as many questions you have to understand the organization and its future goals more.


Anonymous Intern 3

I'd tell them not to worry about anything, and that your bosses will always be there if you have any questions and are incredibly understanding!


Anonymous Intern 2

The weekly meetings and slack helped me stay up to date with other members of the organization. Additionally, I appreciate how we did wellness check-ins and talked about our weekend rather than only discuss projects and tasks for that week.


Anonymous Intern 1

We received regular updates on what Swell was collaborating on in any given moment, and we were always given the opportunity to join in on the action. Also, having a general slack channel made me feel like I was part of the team.


Join the Crew!

The application below has a couple of questions that refer to our website and social media channels. We suggest you open those in other tabs so that you don’t lose your application if you have to go look at our site while you are applying. It isn’t yet possible to save the application as you go, so DON’T CLOSE THIS TAB until your application is complete. If you would like to take some more time to fill it out, cut and paste the application into a Google Doc and fill it out there. Then, transfer your answers to this form.

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