Tech Equity

Filling in the digital divide by making tech accessible & fun

30 years after the debut of the world wide web, there are still glaring inequities in access and use of technology across gender, across color and across geography. 

Technology is a powerful tool for equity. We believe that the democratization of information and connecting communities globally has enormous potential for positive change. We are a BIPOC-led crew owning our space on the leading edge of technology to bring all of this potential to the communities we serve. We offer technology, processes and systems audits, design and coaching. 
These are some of the ideas that guide our work:


tech to fill the wealth gap

A growing number of economists and futurists agree that human and social capital will outpace the influence of financial capital in the 21st century. Technology makes these forms of capital accessible beyond the constraints of time and space. Human and social capital are deep wells of wealth for systemically oppressed communities. 

tech to Claim your power

Wealth is an enormous source of power and wealth is more than just money. We can grow power for systemically oppressed communities by using technology to lengthen the levers of change. In partnership with communities, we build tech literacy, tech mastery, and tech delight. 

tech to THRIVE

8 out of every 10 of the community members we serve tell us when we get started that technology stresses them out. Our tech training, coaching and systems design are more than just concerned with bits and bytes. We use a mindset-shifting framework that actually makes technology fun so that after we’ve spent time with a team and technology, 8 in 10 end up saying that their technology gives them back their peace of mind.