NOMINATE a change agent for a swell care package

nominate a community organizer for recognition

and a dose of self care

For the past few of years, the Swell Crew have sent Swell Care Packages or “love bombs”  to community organizers, our co-conspirators in the #leadwithlove and #goodgrows movement. Building strong community via shared vision, trust and care fuels the work of the community change we seek.

With your help, we can reach more community organizers this year and infuse the movement with the positive momentum of genuine appreciation of each other. We are especially looking to lift up Black women, Indigenous women, the gender nonconforming, and any leader who is doing this work while also a target of systemically engineered oppression and injustice. These systems already put their wellness at tremendous risk.

Let good grow. Make sure our leaders know how much we appreciate them.