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Freedom and life are earned by those alone who conquer them each day anew. – Goethe


Day 5 spoke to us about our own individual time profiles and how each of ours encompass different characteristics that make it uniquely ours…

To recap how we can identify how our profile looks the following prompts were provided and we were asked to write down which best fit:

  1. Fast-paced or slow-paced?
  2. Focused or relaxed?
  3. Patient or impatient?
  4. Sleep comes easily or sleep is problematic?
  5. Steady or impulsive?
  6. Methodical or spontaneous?
  7. Make decisions quickly or need time to ponder?

This was a very insightful exercise for me – it showed me how I truly view my relationship with time and my outlook on what descriptions embody my profile. Those shown in bold above are what I chose!


It was explained that in order to stay in life balance we must honor and live according to our time profile, which can dictate our natural pace of life…

We were encouraged to journal about which qualities our lifestyles or the people around us challenge or oppose. Essentially, we were asked to consider how our natural pace of life is disrupted. It was intriguing for me, as I had never looked at time in this manner before. So, how does my time profile or natural pace of life face disruption?

I realized that although my life tends to be fast-paced, it’s actually disrupted when it becomes too frantic. There’s a delicate balance. I sometimes overload myself with tasks in a week or even a day. When this occurs, my usual positive outlook is tested, my desire to do nothing increases, and often, both the quantity and quality of my sleep suffer.


The message of the day delivered a significant reminder.

It emphasized that the habits we form around time pressure and rushing to meet deadlines can have a detrimental impact on our psychological and physical health. Over time, the effects of daily stress accumulate, potentially leading to chronic health disorders. These early effects of daily tension may go unnoticed or seem infrequent, but they can worsen over an extended period.

Often, we attribute our pain, discomfort, or unease to other causes, but it’s crucial to consider the big picture. By committing to creating healthy habits now, we can improve our quality of life in our later years. While growing old is inevitable, our ability to do so with ease, grace, and peace in mind, body, and spirit is within our control.


We really want to continue to hear your thoughts and feedback on the meditation experience as we near the close of week one! This is the last meditation experience of 2017 hosted by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey via the Chopra Center Meditation organization. It kicked off on October 30th and we’re really excited with the theme: Making Every Moment Matter.