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Course : The Shift

The past 20 months have been beyond stressful for educators, students and parents. Conflict feels ever present. THE SHIFT offers a way through….

This course is a rich collection of content that features teacher generated real world examples of how to respond to conflict in the moment.

  • A downloadable PDF guide covering 14 techniques of dialogue.
  • 15 videos for a deeper dive that describes in detail how to apply this rich knowledge to help you SHIFT any conflict into inquiry.
  • A downloadable PDF reflections worksheet to use with every video.
  • 88 swipe-able questions to shift any conflict into inquiry.
  • A curated reading list to continue the learning.
  • An action plan for how you can use this content with your peers in education and in your community.

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During a learning retreat for secondary teachers, we explored a “positive-sum” shift  in response to conflict.  Small groups generated their own ideas for what conflict we were predicting may show up this year and how to respond with inquiry in order to accelerate the shift. This teaching community identified several themes of conflicts that could emerge over the course of the school year and we crowd-sourced 88 swipe-able questions, organized around 14 techniques to shift any conflict into inquiry.

Teachers are experts in inquiry so it is no wonder that they were able to generate a rich well of sample questions with which to move past differences and find the good that lies at these intersections. The more we move through conflict to understand why it exists and where we share values, the better chance we have of building community, holding meaningful and productive conversations, and building resiliency on a personal, local, and more macroscopic level.



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