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We Inspire,
Equip & Amplify

Change Agents

Our Values

Diversity & Respect

Our fates are interconnected all over the globe. We seek out those different from us with whom to collaborate and learn.

Conscious Communication

Design communicates. Process communicates. Our words and our deeds communicate. This awareness guides us towards developing new understanding.

Wellness & Integrity

Healthy individuals beget healthy communities. Integrity is wholeness and in order to be whole, we must be well.

About Us

We serve the intersectional communities that have been historically oppressed. The marginalized, the outcasts, and the disenfranchised are our people.  We are the global majority building our new reality together.

We inspire, equip and amplify change agents. We dismantle oppression from the ground up and from the inside out. Healing and joy are our calling.

By investing care, peer support, and capacity building resources into our communities, we accelerate our emergence into a positive-sum future. Together we bend the arc of history towards justice and ensure our collective liberation becomes reality.

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Our courses and learning communities offer transformational curriculum curated and created by intersectional change agents, thought leaders, and influencers spanning the disciplines of collaboration, technology and resilience.


The Shift: Moving from Conflict to Inquiry

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What the community says

Teryn Shipman

TSC is run by women of color who believe in creating spaces to foster the growth of others. I am all about women of color in leadership and in collective spaces for healing, growth, training, and action.

Teryn Shipman

Lara Luthy

I really enjoyed the tone of this training. It was inspirational, informative and transformational. The responsiveness of the trainers to our needs (sometimes on the fly) was top-notch. The humor that was interwoven allowed for a space of genuineness and growth. "Growth edges" is new vocabulary that I have integrated into my life. Thank you, thank you!

Lara Luthy
President, Boise Education Association / 

Deyanira Zavala

Working with the Swell crew was a tremendous experience, both as a participant and as a fellow facilitator period. [They] took the time to understand our context and what we were hoping to achieve at the end of our time together. [Their] facilitation brought in new methods that were truly appreciated by our attendees.

Deyanira Zavala
Managing Director, BARHII / 

Kit Amreik

The Facilitator's Academy was a very invigorating experience and helped reorient my life when I needed it. I appreciate the manner that Emily as well as the team for facilitating such a wonderful space. It encouraged me to come out of my shell and roar as a lion

Kit Amreik
Global Restorative and Transformative Justice Practitioner. Code Squad / 

Nancy Latham

I learned so much form the Facilitators Academy - it wasn't only about facilitation tools (although we learned a lot about those!) - it was really about holding a gentle space for people to bring forward their most authentic selves (even in these awkward zoom spaces). In these days when the world gives us so much reason to feel rage, despair, and grief, holding gentle space is a critical skill. People can feel all those challenging feelings *and* get in touch with sources of joy and hope. Being in the "room" with the main facilitator, Emily Gonzales was a revelation. I felt as if a more communitarian future were being manifested before my eyes.

Nancy Latham
Indivisible East Bay Leadership Team / 

Oskar Castro

I can't thank Swell enough for the support! They helped us do what we needed to do, but often with small organizations it is hard to find the capacity to fill the need. Swell made that a lot easier. Having an outside organization to help facilitate our conversations was amazingly beneficial, as my company is organized into various tired groups with different levels of hierarchy. I found that having the 2 facilitators from Swell was particularly efficient in staying on track and keeping us all organized, as one could lead the conversation in an organic way and the other could focus on note-taking so we could all reference those pieces of information later.

Oskar Castro
Director of HR & Inclusion, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting / 

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