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This is the last meditation experience of 2017 hosted by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey via the Chopra Center Meditation organization.

It just started on October 30th and we’re really excited with the theme: Making Every Moment Matter


The discussion of Day 2 deals with our perception of time; why do so many of us, myself included, feel like there’s never enough of it in each day?

My days seem to run into one another with barely a breath or quiet moment in between – sleep doesn’t count here. My norm would be to fall into bed exhausted each night fighting between wanting to sleep and engaging in the racing thoughts of what was on the agenda for the next day or remainder of the week/weekend. That is always the hardest for me, when I’m experiencing these things and it’s the weekend!


The Message of the Day contained a quote by Albert Einstein that really gave me pause…

The distinction between the past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” I know firsthand the challenge of moving myself out of living in the past and untangling the emotions, fear, uncertainty and a horde of other feelings that have resulted in my being stagnant in the now. I also know the weight of anxiousness that comes with trying to predict or brace myself for the future based on what I’ve experienced prior. Both are grossly uncomfortable and not the way I prefer to live because in truth, that isn’t living. It’s waiting in fear for the same outcome or response to come about and if I remain in that state of mindlessness then that’s really the only way things tend to turn out. I was reminded of a couple of meaningful things that I need in my life on a regular basis.


Here are a few of my reflections from Day 2 – The Biology of Time

The writing prompt reminded us that “stepping out of time” happens when we are totally absorbed in something we love and it asked us to list three things that fit that description for myself:

  1. A regular yoga practice
  2. Being at or near the beach
  3. Playing music or singing

Choosing to take a harder look at item 2, I wrote down how I plan to make more time for this activity starting today. I’ve resolved to set aside purposeful time at least once a month to enjoy being at or near the water. I committed to not making any other plans before or after my time at the beach so that my being there is leisurely and unhurried. Many times I’m trying to fit so much into one day to maximize the hours I have and I find that I’m not fully enjoying myself. Instead, I’m thinking about when I need to leave for the next destination and if I remembered this or that and it just takes away the joy of what are supposed to be restful and recharging moments.

What’s more frustrating is the mental traffic this generates. I may look calm and present from the outside but my mind is filled with chatter and internally I still feel rushed and overwhelmed and I do it to myself. So bringing myself back to a centered and conscious space is not only welcome, it’s desperately needed. How wonderful is it that I don’t need to rely on anyone else to provide this opportunity for me?! I’m looking forward to my next lazy day at the beach.


We want to know what resonated with you from Day 2 – share your thoughts with us!!