Membership benefits

Peer coaching and accountability with a community of new wave leaders.
Deep discounts on tech and other services.
Project fiscal sponsorship via our 501c3. 

Ever feel like you would thrive with the support and structure of some regular check-ins with a community of your peers in making positive-change? Looking for a group that understands the struggles of representing systemically oppressed communities while doing change work? Maybe you are approaching burn-out and feel like you need to recommit to your self-care and remind yourself of your own goals and dreams? Do you believe in the power of collaboration to accelerate and amplify good work?
The Collective may be for you.

We connect change-makers all over the nation for coaching and mentorship from our peers in community organizing and social entrepreneurship. We use our collective and community power to access deep discounts on software and services all change-agents need. We share the legitimacy of our organization to help you grow yours. We keep each other accountable and we make shift happen.

Membership to the Collective is by invitation only.


Facilitated peer coaching and accountability huddles on zoom as often as 3 x per week with other  change agents & social enterprisers for networking and accountability. VALUE $250 per month

Topics often include:


The Collective Online – A private #slack space of your peers closely moderated by Collective guides. Regular co-working sprints for accountability and camaraderie and shared resource development.
VALUE $120 per year

Membership at The Swell Center – the “virtual” wellness center for change agents.
VALUE $120 per year

Amplification of your joint via our website and social platforms: The Swell Collective is developing a respected reputation among a number of communities of change agents nationwide and we want to share those connections with YOU!
VALUE $20-$50 per boosted post



A .org email account and dedicated Google Shared Drive.  As an invested community partner of TSC via the Collective we will share with you the credibility that comes with being associated with a recognized 501(c)3 organization and online storage space via a team drive for your project. Many of the discounted programs require a .org email address.
VALUE $240+ per year

Design on Demand Portal: The Swell Collective contracts with a design service to access 24/7 design on demand services. Designers can create your web graphics, marketing collateral, social media images etc.
VALUE $150+ per design

Website Services: We can move your site to our unlimited hosting program. You will get a dedicated subdomain with unlimited space that your unique URL can forward to. We use WordPress to manage and design all of our websites. We can get you set up with a WordPress template and coach you so that you can design a beautiful, functional site.
VALUE $240+ per year

Project fiscal sponsorship: If you don’t yet have the tax exempt status that many funders require, we can set up an exclusive fund within TSC to manage your project. A 10% administrative fee applies that supports Collective operations.


(This is just a sample of available discounts. New discounts are being added all the time.)

Discounts %Discount
or Discounted price
Zoom meetings pro 50%
Zoom meetings business 50%
Asana 50%
Wework 25%
Box 50%
Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials free
DocuSign Business Pro Edition $99
Dell products 45%
Swell School Membership 50%
Buffer 90%

what does it cost?

We know that each member of the Collective is in different stages of wealth building & change making so we have developed this creative approach to allow members to invest in themselves and the collective.

Human capital: become part of the braintrust designing this program and contributing to the growth and development of TSC. An investment of your time and expertise to co-facilitate weekly calls, admin and moderate fb groups, co-create content, and work with TSC Crew more closely, remotely on your own schedule, at least 2 hours a week.


Social capital: share the Swell Collective’s membership program or other TSC posts on all your social platforms twice a month. (We can show you how to automate these posts to save you time). Share your community connections by identifying and reaching out to individuals within your own personal or professional network who might enjoy the benefits of membership. Sending them personal email/text/message to introduce them to the Swell Collective membership program. With their permission, adding them to our fb groups and inviting them to like the TSC page.



Financial capital: The program is estimated to cost $1200 per year, per member. We invite our members to pay what they can financially and make up any difference in human and social capital on the honor system. We trust our members and believe in investing in them and in our Collective together. 

Membership to the Collective is by invitation only.

We maintain a safe community of care for our members by carefully curating the Collective’s membership.
If you are down with our TRANSFORMATIVE SPACE INTENTIONS we want to meet you. Please apply!

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