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We provide effective and equity centered training and facilitation for value aligned organizations.
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Building organizations committed to positive social change means committing to respectfully collaborate with the communities we serve. 

Collaboration doesn’t always come naturally. The vast majority of us have been acculturated to the habits of competition. We know cooperation and collaboration are how we can work best together but we still fall into the traps of the competitive mindset. We try to create intentionally diverse organizations and then we can’t figure out how to grow through conflict. We get defensive when called out; we ignore the emotional toll of the constant onslaught of seeing communities in pain.  Then we squander our precious time with one another with unproductive meetings and superficial conversations at best, intractable conflict and the perpetuation of oppression at worst. All of these are solvable problems. Here is how: 



A global perspective of the networks and communities of stakeholders your work resides in. Mindful attention to that social capital and treating it as the valuable resource that it is. Deep understanding and respect of community perspectives, needs and interests.


Developing a shared understanding of the dynamics of power. Restorative accountability to use that power to heal, not harm. DEI initiatives without equity practices embedded in every cell of an organization are doomed to fail and are actually harmful to the communities they purport to serve.


Facilitation of deep dialogue and collaborative process. Guides by the side whose expertise is in the design of interactive and engaging experiences grounded in the equity principles. Process facilitation can help diverse teams create the safe spaces to get creative and find consensus.


Many who are called to this work are empathetic and finely tuned to the needs of others. We often find ourselves centering the wellbeing of those we serve before our own. We must flip this script. In order to sustain lasting change, we need to heal ourselves.

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