Swell On Site – Training, Coaching & Faclitation

The Swell Collective builds the capacity of organizations and individuals to make positive change. 

TRAINING – On the topics of ethical collaboration, effective communication, intersectionality, navigating conflict and building trust, Swell Collective offers guides by the side on our parallel journeys of lifelong learning. All of our trainings are rooted in the belief that leaders must take responsibility for and prioritize their wellness and resilience in order to better serve their communities. Trainings are centered with principles of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

FACILITATION – As long as we need to depend on others and collaborate to do the work of community organizing, the meetings aren’t going away. Swell Collective facilitators can help make them efficient and transformational. 

COACHING – We host regular virtual accountability circles for change-agents seeking to amplify and accelerate their impact. #goodgrows