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FYS Technical Assistance Program
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In collaboration with the LA County Office of Education – Foster Youth Services Technical Assistance Program, the Collective Consultancy is pleased to offer you a broad spectrum of services that support your critically impactful work. We are not defined by our work and yet  whatever we touch is infused with deeper intentionality when we have optimal tools available to aid and sustain ourselves and our efforts. We are grateful to provide support that bolsters both the individual and the collective movement you and your partners continue to strive for in service of the foster youth in California.


Equity & Inclusion, Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution

This live online interactive training, in three parts, will cover the the topics of centering service work in equity and inclusion principles and creating “communities of practice” for continuous reflection and learning. This series will include conversations about power, privilege and oppression; systemic and unconscious bias; equity audits; race/class/gender justice; restorative accountability, conflict resolution and more. Please plan on attending all sessions.

May 11, 12, 13
3:00 – 4:00pm PST


Self-Care & Wellness

Facilitated 6-part series consisting of 1 hour sessions on self care and wellness for educators and those working with and for foster youth. A series of workshops that will include a wellness practice (eg. meditation, mindfulness, beginner yoga, gentle stretching etc)  and feature healing justice practitioners sharing best practices and tips for staying well to do good.

March 19 – May 28
(Every Other Friday)
2:00 – 3:00pm PST


Meeting Design 

This live online interactive training,  in three parts, will cover meeting design and facilitation for any multi-stakeholder or collaborative convening.  This series will cover agenda design and the use of technology to allow effective engagement and achievement of desired outcomes. Participants will be invited to bring existing agendas to workshop with their peers to discover best practices in use across the state for effective and engaging meetings. This training will be recorded. 

March 9, 10, 11
3:00 – 4:00pm PST



We understand that the work you’re doing is multifaceted, and at times complex. Complexity requires much more attention to the details. The support that coaching can provide can often amplify impact and efficacy. Schedule directly with our coaches using the links below.
 Coaching sessions are only for FSYCP Program Staff.

Coaching Focus Areas

  Meeting Design & Facilitation Best Practices.

  Technology for effective collaboration in a new remote work era.

  Thought partnership to explore leadership challenges & opportunities, workplace problem solving, & development for goal setting & accountability.

Coaching with

Emily Gonzales

CEO  |  Director of Education

Radical collaborator & wayfinder, Emily offers “guide by the side” leadership coaching to women &  BIPOC leaders both veteran & emergent in their leadership journeys. In addition, she is also a yoga instructor, social science researcher & education program director for the Swell Collective, a sister non-profit organization to the Consultancy.

Coaching Focus Areas

  Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution.

  Well-self, personal care and creating & sustaining communities of care for accountability and healing.

  Thought partnership to explore leadership challenges & opportunities, workplace problem solving, & development for goal setting & accountability.

Coaching with

Mica Hashimoto

COO  |  Director of Wellness

Wellness warrior & wayfinder, Mica promotes mindful & healing space for folks to explore their needs, identify challenges & create/curate individual well-self practices. In addition, she is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher & a community of care program manager for the Swell Collective, a sister non-profit to the Consultancy.

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