Welcome to our information hub at Swell Collective! This is your one-stop-shop for all of our digital systems and properties. You will find links to our organization-wide applications, tutorials and FAQs. Stay tuned as we build out this space. 



We use slack at TSC to stay in touch during the workday. If you haven’t already received the invite, join the Swell Collective workspace using your email address at:

For an introduction to how to use Slack, check out this video!



Crew at Swell Collective are issued a email account. We use for the naming conventions for all our crew until someone shares a first name in which case they then get firstname.lastinitial@ for an email address. Your gmail is your login for all your google applications including calendar, drive and more.


When we don’t video call in Slack, we use Zoom and offer our nonprofit discount to Collective members needing access to the premium version of Zoom. If you are facilitating ongoing meetings or Collective huddles, you will likely be issued your own Zoom account within the TSC organizational account or credentials for our open Crew zoom account. For some Zoom basics, check out the video below! 



We use Asana to manage goals, projects, tasks and crews (teams in Asana) at TSC.
While everyone at TSC are welcome to serve on multiple crews, Asana likes us to organize our work by teams and sometimes (a lot of the time!) the work of teams overlaps. TSC crews reflected in Asana teams look like this: 

Operations (Ops) includes Ops: Crew, Ops: Funding & Fundraising, Ops: Websites and Digital infrastructure, and general Operations. These are the scaffolds upon which so much of our organization is grown. 

Programs includes Programs: Client Services, Programs: the Collective, Programs: Events, Programs: Swell School, Programs: Internship. These represent the value we provide to the communities we serve. 

Communications and Marketing includes Social Media and Email Communication. Strategy, planning and execution of both internal and external communications are attended to by this team. Communication is the currency of social capital which is one of TSC’s greatest assets. 

Content and Creative includes Course Creation, Video and Pod content, and other Digital and Print media. TSC creates beautiful media to tell the stories of the communities we serve because they are beautiful stories. We create influential and transformative media as a lever for good. #goodgrows

Learn more about using Asana here: 


We use Airtable to manage databases, information and resources for our crew and the communities we serve. 


Google Drive

We use Google Drive to manage our files, documents and digital assets.